Newark Board of Education Office of Early Childhood

Vision Statement
All 4-year olds leave Pre-K ready for Kindergarten, and with a love of learning. Parents and Families who experience Pre-K in Newark have the knowledge and skills to support and advocate for their children’s education and health for the long haul. It is our pre-k programs that make this happen with the support of a high-impact, high-performance Team OEC.
Newark’s Preschool Program receives critical acclaim state-wide, nationally and internationally!
Mission Statement
The Newark Public Schools’ Office of Early Childhood is committed to providing every 3- and 4-year old child, regardless of individual needs, with a high-quality Pre-K Education that also puts the health of children and the engagement of families at its core, by ensuring equal access to the opportunity to learn through developmentally-appropriate resources and services that promote children’s learning and development to ensure readiness for Kindergarten and beyond.